Dig Deep on Perspective

I’m mean. I’m selfish. I can be crass. I sometimes find pleasure in getting under people’s skin. I pressure people. I want what I want when I want it. Some might call me spoiled. Others might call me a bitch. I call it unique.

Being an only child, I can say I was definitely catered to. At the same time I was faced with many a challenge that allowed me to see the world did not revolve around me.

Often, I enjoy being catered to and extensively having my needs met.

However, when I dig deep… my mean, selfish, spoiled, bitchy, annoying self is actually… determined, persistent, goal-oriented, loyal, a good friend, and a hard lover. I put my all into people around me and the things I do.

When I dig deep and look at myself reflectively, I am reminded that who I am is all about perspective.

Dig deep on your perspective.

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