Monthly Archives: August 2016


There is more to life than life itself. You don’t really live until you die. It is at that moment you are FREE…from pain, hurt, suffering, oppression, regression. Because, how can you live being weighted down with stuff? So, your agenda, your platform, your movement, what does it all really matter? What happens on this Earth supersedes our time in this life. What matters most is your personal journey to life beyond this Earth. 

Throwing Stones

Wrong is wrong, yes we all know that. But  who are WE, mere mortals who have all fallen short in sin. This society constantly slays its opinions as if in some sort of d*ck measuring contest…Who can spur the best opinion? Who can get the most likes or re-tweets of their thoughts. We all make mistakes. There is no judge, to me, other than God. 

I say judge not lest you be judged.